Before your appointment:

**MOST IMPORTANT! – Come to your appointment free of all eye makeup. This will not only save time (don’t waste your reserved time removing makeup, get more lashes!), but will allow for best adhesion to your natural lash.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out client information and prepare for your appointment – Don’t let this go into your scheduled time. Get more lashes.
  • Avoid oil-based eye creams and moisturizers 24 hours prior to your application
  • Avoid waterproof mascara for 2-3 days prior to your appointment
  • Remove contacts prior to your appointment so your eyes don’t get irritated
  • Avoid caffeine before appointment. You want to be able to relax
  • Do NOT curl, perm or tint your lashes within 2 days of your appointment
  • Bring headphones to listen to your favorite music and relax during your appointment.
After your lashes are applied:
  • Avoid wetting your eyelashes from any water, tears, sweat, steam, spray tan or any other liquids for 24 hours after your appointment
  • Do not rub, pull or pick at your lashes
  • Avoid extreme heat and steam
  • Avoid oil-based creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens or cleansers because the oils loosen the bonds
  • Use the special protective coating every 3 days to keep bonds between your lash and the extension strong
  • Gently clean and brush your lashes daily
  • Avoid mascara unless its specifically made for eyelash extensions (only use on the outer tips of extensions and never use waterproof)
  • Do not use liquid eyeliner
  • Do not curl, perm or tint your lash extensions

Are You Ready?