For the last 5 years Foxy Lash Boutique has become recognized for providing exceptional eyelash services in South Florida, pleasing hundreds of guests again and again. As a fully licensed and certified team of eyelash stylists, we are completely devoted to you and your lashes. Using only the highest quality lash extensions, products and supplies, our goal is to deliver the most personal, customized and unique lash experience you could ever have! We are now pleased to announce that after years of researching, developing, modifying, testing and re-testing lash products and supplies, Foxy Lash® is officially its own brand! We are also beyond excited to announce our new Foxy Lash® Academy, providing professional eyelash service training courses and mentoring. Our products and education are held to the highest standards and were developed to help improve the lash industry as a whole.

Settling for nothing less than the best, Danielle Cluka, founder of Foxy Lash®, consistently strives to better the lash industry in all aspects, from providing top notch services, to developing and using the most advanced and high-quality products. Transitioning from the medical industry into the beauty industry has been hard for her, as she sees a lack in the eyelash industry’s concern for the health of the eye and its lashes. She holds a strong emphasis on providing safe, healthy, sanitary, high-quality products to be used on and around the delicate eye area. She desires to lead the eyelash industry towards a more professional service. Her goal is to educate as many beauticians and consumers about how eyelash extensions are life changing and probably the best beauty treatment available.

She believes we need to change the rumor that eyelash extensions are “damaging” or “unhealthy.” Eyelash extensions are not bad or damaging to eyelashes or the eyes when done properly, using safe and effective products. Damage can come from lack of professional training or improper training. By offering proper training and education about the client lash health and well-being, and providing great quality, reasonably priced products and education, Danielle and her team, Foxy Lash ® Brand and Academy all aim to set the highest standards of professional service in the eyelash industry.

Danielle Cluka

Master Stylist - Owner

Hello! I am Danielle Cluka, owner and lash stylist of Foxy Lash Boutique. I fell in love with eyelash extensions years ago in Las Vegas when I discovered them through one of my patients who came into my office. At the time I was a Dental Hygienist and had been for several years.

That week I made an appointment to get individual eyelash extensions and haven’t looked back since. I signed up for Esthetician School a few weeks later and knew all I wanted to do was lashes! 900 hours of schooling later, I graduated and signed up for Eyelash Extension Certification through Xtreme Lashes, the global leader in eyelash extensions. Since then I have been certified with 2 other reputable companies as well (Borboleta and Eye Design by Nadia Afanaseva)! I love continuing my lash education and don’t plan on stopping!

Upon moving to South Florida, I opened up Foxy Lash Boutique July 1st 2014! I wanted to create a special place for South Florida’s women to come and get beautiful semi-permanent eyelashes knowing that they are in the best of hands. Eyelashes are all we do at Foxy Lash Boutique, so our clients feel safe knowing that we are completely devoted to their lashes and to the health of their lashes. From our meticulous lashing skills and my medical background knowledge, to our plush, warm, comfy recliners to relax (and even take a nap) in, you will be completely comfortable knowing that we take extreme pride in our work and your lashes. You will know when you leave that not only will your lashes look amazing, but they will be healthy as well. Your lash health is very important to us and we make sure that everyone is completely satisfied.

Highly recommend Danielle! It was my first time ever getting eyelash extensions and she not only took the time to go over everything I needed to know, but she also checked in with me a week after my appointment. My eyelashes look incredible and I already have my next fill appointment booked! <br> Carolina C., Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • Danielle was so professional she was gentle and really took her time and treated my eyelashes like they were her own ladies I recommend if you want to go and get eyelash extension she you go to person shes great and my eyelashes look so natural
    Nerline C. Pompano Beach, FL
  • One word: Fantastic! More than one word; I have been to Danielle a few times, and I do not see myself going anywhere else. I am pretty difficult for no reason when it comes to beauty services. I feel like I see things that others don't (and no not dead people). With my qualiy of being hard to please, I also sorely lack in explaining what it is I am looking for.Danielle's patience, and working to my needs is why I adore her. Her services are top knotch, she worked with me to figure out exactly how I like my lashes done, and time flies with the music and comfortable bed. Foxy Lash Boutique should be the first and only place you go for lash extensions.
    Melissa G. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • I love my "Foxy Lashes"! There nothing like waking up in the morning with long thick luscious beautiful lashes!! People stare at my eyes and compliment me all the time. My lashes make my eyes look so much bigger. Mascara doesn't come close. And they don't look fake. Unless you want that look. I like a more natural look. Danielle and her staff are amazing! I trained with Xtreme lashes and know when I get a great lash set. Danielle is the best at her craft and she loves doing them. They come out perfecto every time. I get to have a little cat nap and wake up looking Foxy after my lash fills. It's worth every penny... No more mascara or raccoon eyes ;) Looking pretty from morning through night! Love you Danielle! ;)
    Tara C., Fort Lauderdale, FL